Planning before taking up the automation project

Before taking up the automation projects there are certain points to be checked and they are tool to be used which matches the task, framework to be selected, test environment analysis, documents to chart the timelines, and the deliverables which match the requirement are some of the key points to consider before taking up the automation project. RPA, BluePrism, Selenium, test complete, Ranorex, Sahi, Watir, Watin, QTP and soap UI are some of the automation tools in the market. Let me see how RPA works and what types of tasks are automated using the RPA. Learn RPA Training in Chennai with practical oriented training and become an expert in the automation industry. 

Tasks suitable for RPA

In RPA process the information’s are collected by the robots either manually or with multiple resources to complete the tasks assigned to them. The process studio in the RPA explains well about the different processes to be carried out with the symbols, notation and diagram which makes easy for anyone to understand. To complete the repetitive tasks, regression testing where testing is done to add the new function with no change in the old functionality, for smoke tests and sanity tests. RPA can be easily implemented in the organization without changing the infrastructure and tools used under RPA do not face any compatibility issues. The four tools of RPA are automation anywhere, blue prism, UI Path, and open span. Learn the Robotics Process Automation Training in Chennai to apply intelligence to the repetitive tasks and rule-based tasks with high volume.

Comparison of different RPA tools

Automation anywhere robots are used for the front office and back office, UI path tool is used for the front office and back office, BluePrism is used for the back office automation only. Automation Anywhere is used for desktop process automation, Ui path is good for the BPO and Citrix automation, BluePrism is suitable for the desktop, web, and Citrix automation. Automation Anywhere is used for the large-scale processes, and it processes the mapping quickly and the deployment is limited, UI path is used for the small projects and sometimes they fail in the medium or large size projects, BluePrism is suitable for the large projects and speed is also high when executing the project. Start the RPA journey with the RPA Courses in Chennai and transform yourself into the digital world. Architecture is different for the automation anywhere, UI path and blue prism. There are two types of architecture in the RPA and they are client-server architecture and web-based architecture. The technologies used in the three RPA tools are automation anywhere is the product of the Microsoft, Uipath is the product of the Microsoft-SharePoint wf, elastic search and Kibana. Learn the Robotic Process Automation Training to streamline the business processes and finance process in the enterprise.


The different RPA tools are used for the different industries to automate the different tasks. The traditional model of front office middle office and back office is changing to the new model of the RPA process now. This improves the accuracy and efficiency of the operations.